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      A milling tool with twenty edges should represent as much wearing capacity as a like number of separate tools, and may be said to equal twenty duplicate tools; hence, in cutting grooves, notches, or similar work, a milling tool is equivalent to a large number of duplicate single tools, which cannot be made or set with the same truth; so that milling secures accuracy and duplication, objects which are in many cases more important than speed.欷c�蠲甏エ螗み�螭

      CHAPTER XI. SHAFTS FOR TRANSMITTING POWER.タイい痰ぅゥ�幞ゥイいド"10. Falloise, alderman.年ニ姆蚤d


      �睽謦おMy "foreign" passport was, of course, in French, of which language the man evidently knew not a word. Although I explained that this passport was the best one could get in The Netherlands, that I had paid six guilders and seventy-five cents for it, that I was a war-correspondent of De Tijd, it was all useless. I had to go with him to the guard-house, and the man kept the queer passport—the damning piece of evidence—firmly in his hand. All the inquisitive loafers, of which the frontier was full during those days, followed me, and so we went in procession to the guard-house, at some distance from the frontier. I heard all sorts of discussions behind me, and constantly caught words like: German, boche, deserter, franc-tireur, spy, and other complimentary niceties.驻钮栅(1.) Describe the different modifications of screw-cutting machines.—(2.) What is gained by revolving the dies instead of the rod?—(3.) What is gained by expanding dies?—(4.) What is the difference between screws cut by chasing and those cut on a screw-cutting machine?ぱ巩い酬イ

      Later on I heard the same story from several other inhabitants.伐孪沥い"The burgomaster informs the population that any utterance contrary to the regulations will be severely punished.やぅ劣ぁ�晷鹰ぅ怒簸

      �ア勋ぅゥThe general theory of their action may be explained in the following propositions:—嬷ツ围互"The Acting Burgomaster,鲐趣ゐ


      26ゥォ忝楼�谎ぅ"Leave everything to me; I'll invite them to have a glass of wine with me, and you will see then that they are kind people."ワ缛

      �ゥ楗ゥOne of the first things I have to deal with is also one of the most fearful I ever saw, and I only hope that I may never again witness the like of it.互ぅ獯àす哥�襻あね

      The road along which I walked, the main road between Visé and Liège, was laid under fire from various forts, and every moment I saw on my left clouds rise up from the rocky heights that run along the whole of the Meuse. These clouds were partly formed by smoke from the guns mounted by the Germans against the forts, partly by volumes of earth thrown up by the projectiles from the broken-up soil.ぅゥぎひ楗Very sleepy, I went on listening ... listening ...112 probably until I fell asleep again, for I cannot remember what happened after.瑜イぅ�ゾ


      (1.) Why is the effect produced different on the top and bottom of a piece when struck by a hammer?—(2.) Why does not a compound hammer create jar and concussion?—(3.) What would be a mechanical difficulty in presenting the material to such hammers?—(4.) Which is most important, speed or weight, in the effect produced on the under side of pieces, when struck by single acting hammers?恁─戽"Oh, go on!" I answered. "I don't think that I need fear anything of the kind. I am in any case a Netherlander!"で梅ぅLouvain had been destroyed because a crowd of wanton soldiers, who were garrisoned there, who hated the Belgians, and who had been kept within bounds with difficulty, seized on their own stupid mistake to give rein to their passions.螗刃

      When I was half way between Liège and the Netherland frontier, I noticed that the village of68 Vivignes was burning in various places. It is a beautiful spot, quite concealed between the green trees on the slope of the hills, west of the canal. And the finest and largest farms were exactly those ablaze. The fire crackled fiercely, roofs came down with a crash and a thud. Not a living being could be seen. From the windows of the burning houses small white flags hung, and they too were one by one destroyed by the fire. I counted forty-five farms that were burning, destroyed by the raging flames.妤麻ザ攻ビOn the road from Borgloon to Thienen I had a chat with an old crone, who stood weeping by the ruins of her miserable little cottage, which she refused to leave. This little house, which strenuous zeal had enabled her to buy, was all she possessed on earth besides her two sons, both fallen through the murderous lead of those barbarians, and buried in the little garden at the back of their ruined home. Of another family, living close by, the father and two sons were murdered in the same way.椁钵沥B �ゲいЗルk

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