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      These rules apply to forging, but in a different way from other processes. Unlike pattern-making or casting, the general processes in forging are uniform; and still more unlike pattern-making or casting, there is a measurable uniformity in the articles produced, at least in machine-forging, where bolts, screws, and shafts are continually duplicated.An old smith who has stood at the forge for a score of years will take the same interest in tempering processes that a novice will. When a piece is to be tempered which is liable to spring or break, and the risk is great, he will enter upon it with the same zeal and interest that he would have done when learning his trade.�

      ��"Sister," I said then, "if you will only ask S?ur Eulalie to come to this gate she will recognise me, of course?"


      �To the unskilled, or to those who do not take a comprehensive view of an engineering business as a whole, the finishing and fitting department seems to constitute the whole of machine manufacture—an impression which a learner should guard against, because nothing but a true understanding of the importance and relations of the different divisions of an establishment can enable them to be thoroughly or easily learned.�

      "It must be done, surely, it must be done! That is her only chance of escape, and if she stops here she will be killed with the rest of us. Oh!... oh!..."�They carried all those patients into the cellars on stretchers, and there waited with the nursing staff for the bombardment that had been announced, but never came off.


      �He flushed red with anger, and asked the sergeant what it all meant. The latter told the story and I filled in some details.

      ��It is a matter of courtesy in the usages of a shop, and one of expediency to a learner, to ask questions from those who are presumed to be best informed on the subject to which the questions relate; and it is equally a matter of courtesy to ask questions of different workmen, being careful, however, never to ask two different persons the same question, nor questions that [169] may call out conflicting answers.



      �Flat or plane joints nearly always admit of adjustment between the fitted surfaces; that is, the material scraped or ground away in fitting can be compensated by bringing the pieces nearer together; but parallel cylindrical joints cannot even be tried together until finished, consequently, there can be nothing cut away in trying them together. Tapering, or conical joints, can of course be trial-fitted, and even parallel fits are sometimes made by trial, but it is evident that the only material that can [149] be cut away in such cases, is what makes the difference between a fit too close, and one which will answer in practice.That was a relief! I began to translate, taking the liberties to which every translator is entitled. And I succeeded in making a favourable impression by censoring my own manuscript.

      After the explanations required of us they allowed us to go on. The incessant roar of the guns made the girl tremble for fear, and the stinging smoke made her cough. After much trouble we got at last as far as Herstal, where I had promised her a short rest.�The bridge-command at the pontoon-bridge near Lixhe allowed me to cross, after requesting me very pressingly to make very clear what swine these Belgians were, who fired so treacherously at unsuspecting soldiers, put out the eyes of the wounded, cut off their hands and genitals. When I asked where all these things had happened, the answer was: "Everywhere!" Of course, I promised them to do everything they wanted.

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