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      �イいゥ殡ョ�颔昊绚ォぃKirkby muttered something of the council.扁い

      "Please your grace," replied Wells, encouraged by the king's manner, "I am a vintner in the city of London, and I came down to Sudley with Stephen Holgrave's wife, to see what could be done for her husband."ぅれ触ぅ吒イCHAPTER IV.ヮゥ¢锌�イイべ

      时时规则 上全狐网

      "Did you not know that his crime had shut him out from the aid of religion?"癀"It wasn't I who fell in, my lord—it was—"軎检い绚"Do you know my voice?" asked one of Wells's companions.ゥず宅ズ铳

      �ˉ盲ぅ"Yes," replied De Boteler.濂撺いThere might be one reason found for the more merciful feelings De Boteler evinced on this occasion, when it is said that he was on the eve of departing for London to join the Duke of Gloucester, who was preparing to make an incursion into France. The idea, no doubt, of again treading the French soil, recalled to his mind the service which the fugitive Holgrave, had performed. The baroness, however, did not appear to heed the decisive tone of her lord; for, with the wilfulness of her sex, she determined that his departure should be the signal for commencing operations.い挨肛

      �すイゅイぅTurner looked as if he thought that he had as much right to deliver his sentiments as the dyer of Norwich, and was about to vindicate his opinions, probably in no very qualified terms, when Black Jack entering, accompanied by a few others, diverted the smith's attention.ぎな霞"Alas!" said Lucy, "I am not sinless."キ僬ゃミ丐

      时时规则 上全狐网

      �ぅ芝ま弟�メ感イē盲It was something more than a year from the flight of Holgrave, when business called Calverley to Gloucester; and, on passing along Silver girdle-street, his eye encountered Black Jack, whom he had not before seen since Edith's trial. The foreman accosted him after his usual manner, and whispered that he had something of moment to communicate, if he would accompany him to the Mitre. After some hesitation Calverley, consented, more especially as Black Jack hinted something about news of Holgrave; and, when seated in the room, in which their former interview had taken place, Oakley inquired if the Lord de Boteler, some twelve months ago, did not offer a reward for the apprehension of a certain bondman named—⒈蔰番

      "And one, too, who prophesies," said another.パガ毽悚昆"Nay, father John," said Holgrave, with emotion, "we must not part so."えイ盏�で澶ぉん虿

      "Oh, father! he is dying—the death-sweats are upon him! and can I, who brought him into sin, see him die under the curse of God? Oh, mercy, holy father! have pity upon him!—his soul is repentant—indeed it is! We have vowed, if he should recover, to part for ever—oh, come to him!"ゎゥ り�━ゥゥ嗵歪�ウ膝やぅ

      时时规则 上全狐网

      �ニぉイづ�黻劬屿欧·ぅ"What, my lieges!" he exclaimed, with a smile of confidence, "are ye angry that your leader is slain? Richard of England shall supply his place—follow me to the field and ye shall have what ye desire!"茌ゎ返

      �ぎい"Men and brethren, are ye bond or free?" he abruptly asked, in a deep, solemn voice.ぉ撺铯铳ぅ"Why, as for kings," said Turner, "I am not sure; Richard is but a boy yet, and his father was a——"ゑゲダ挛

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