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      �ヅタぅぉ忤ゥ"Certainly, she must not be disturbed," he replied to Mrs. Bergan, after a brief pause. "Sleep, in her condition, poor child! is the best of restoratives; it also shows a decided change for the better. My present business is with her father; is he in?"獒じお妊�濂

      "Oh, Diva," exclaimed Coralie, "you will not need that, it is so warm."ゼャChapter 4 BLIND.イ�い摔



      �敏猊绊⒂ご"I cannot tell. He must have been unexpectedly detained."冥绁PART FOURTH. A NEW FIELD. 1 ALIVE IN FAMINE.ュさ

      Astra whispered softly that she had left a strange visitor in the studio, who appeared to be singing unconsciously to herself.ひゴ须�播肖い激"Hush! It was Doctor Remy."ゥあ骇钎铜


      There being now nothing to detain him in Berganton, he ordered his horse for an immediate return to Savalla. First, however, he went to the breakfast-room, but found that he was unable to eat; food was like ashes in his mouth; the most that he could do was to swallow a cup of coffee.哓Mr. Bergan looked inquiringly at Mr. Tatum. "I suppose that is the proper thing," said the lawyer,—"at least, as long as the other will is not found."森ヌ触いい�イ幛い

      "It is too late now," said Mr. Bergan, impatiently, "Carice is already married."ばぅ泞婴ヴ饱�瘾c膜ィ撺い长�い贸颔ぅ坤瞍

      �ゥい籁ぅ镁With an instant intuition of evil, Bergan sprang out of bed, and opened the door. "What is the matter?" he asked.证イ袈毂ケゥ�妞钱き卺ポ


      �ゥい抛"She died in giving me birth," returned Diva, with convincing positiveness. "I have long suspected that my father did not let you know, he never forgot the opposition to his marriage; besides, he was jealous of his only child's affections. You must needs forgive him,—for he is dead."氓�ぅ单

      Carice smiled,—a strange, wan smile, with no spirit of mirthfulness in it, but something of gentle triumph, as well as relief. "It was no fancy, then," she murmured, softly.扭瘳ぅ丧チDoctor Remy turned livid with anger. Before he could reply, Mr. Tatum (the lawyer whom Mr. Bergan had summoned) rapped on the table to command attention, and held up the will to view, in order to show that the seals were unbroken. He then read it, slowly and distinctly. After a few minor legacies, it gave the bulk of the Major's property unconditionally to his niece, Carice Bergan.ホ�啸ゐカ

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