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      Mrs Keeling was almost too superb to speak even to Lord Inverbroom in the interval after lunch, when presentations were made before the Princess drove to the station again. But she could not continue not to speak to anybody any more because of this great exaltation, and she was full of bright things as she went home with her husband.ヱゥイぼ弗己�ゥゥイイ磨ラ�えぅぅ

      �ず�イイ‘Which are the bluebells?’ he asked.癫んぅ蕙コ


      �濂ウォい‘Do you mean me?’ she said.ボ撙そ妇‘Then he began dictating to her something about linoleums. But I’ve not done with him yet. The dear man! I’ll plague his life out for him if you’ll only help me.’ゥイ獗ē慌ブ

      �碛ほ幞タゲ�郅He knew quite well that he was adopting a bullying tone. But he had no inclination to be bullied himself. One or other of them had to be vanquished over this, and he was quite determined that he would not hold the white flag. There was something to be fought for, something which he could not give up.{145}┄辚セいの

      ‘Oh, yes; I saw your name among the subscribers when I was there yesterday,’ she said rather hurriedly.ぅ惶ゥ弗镶‘I am infinitely distressed,’ he began. But Alice, with her temper rising to heights uncontemplated, interrupted him.ゃ幞长ぅ咪�イ杂ぅゲа互


      �ワ坤ゥブイ‘Very well. I engage you from to-day. There is a good deal to do this morning. If you are ready we will begin at once.’瑗いぅ�キぉゥぬ

      ‘Please,’ he said.纲净‘He didn’t think so. He’s rather touching. He said, “Then you don’t despair of making a gentleman of me in time..”’ゥネコぷモ‘Yes, my dear lady, I did. “Ho! Every one that thirsteth!” That was the drink I had for them. Dear lads! They were too tipsy to kneel, but there were tears in the eyes of one of them, before they had been with me five minutes.’ゥ┻ゥぅ

      ‘Because I don’t like him. But he’s kind; and that makes it worse. What does he think about apart from his books? Just money, I suppose. I won’t go there again anyhow.{96}’ゥ铳楼ゾ‘How was she rude?’ he repeated.驿ぅぅイ瑜楗‘I thought his face was so like Jonah preaching at Nineveh in the stained glass window,’ she said.黏ゥはゥ


      John’s eye, which had exactly as much expression in it as a dead codfish’s, cowed him for a moment, but he quickly recovered.イイ柝Mr Keeling was accustomed to consider the hour or two after lunch on Sunday as the most enjoyable time in the week, for then he gave himself up to the full and uninterrupted pursuit of his hobby. None of his family ever came into his study without invitation, and since he never gave such invitation, he had no fear about being disturbed. Before now he had tried to establish with one or other of them the communication of his joy in his books: he had asked Alice into his sanctuary one Sunday, but when he had shown her an exquisitely tooled binding by Cameron, she had said, ‘Oh, what a pretty cover!’ A pretty cover!... somehow Alice’s appreciation was more hopeless than if she had not admired it at all. Then, opening it, she had come across a slightly compromising picture of Bacchus and Ariadne, and had turned over in such a hurry she had crumpled the corner of the page. Her father hardly knew whether her maidenly confusion was not worse than the outrage on his adored volume. Stern moralist and Puritan though he was, this sort of prudery seemed to him an affectation that bordered on imbecility. On another he had asked Hugh to look at his books,{32} and Hugh had been much struck by the type of the capital letters in an edition of Omar Khayyam, wondering if it could be enlarged and used in some advertisement of the approaching summer sale at the stores. ‘That’s the sort of type we want,’ he said. ‘It hits you in the eye; that does. You can’t help reading what is written in it.’ Very likely that was quite true, for Hugh had an excellent perception in the matter of attractive type and arrangement in the advertising department, but his father had shut up the book with a snap, feeling that it was in the nature of a profanity to let the aroma of business drift into an atmosphere incense-laden with his books. His wife presented an even more hopeless case, for she was apt to tell her friends how fond her husband was of reading, and how many new editions he had ordered for his library. Clearly, if this temple was to retain its sense of consecration he must permit no more of these infidel intruders.酮蹶ゐイ幞笑�菝蹀ゥ察ゥぅ

      ‘Why?’驾His mother again tried to introduce a little lightness into this sombre opening.娴猡ぶ掾ゥ�ビシい僵

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