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      "Calverley!" repeated De Boteler, "What did you say of Calverley? What, did Calverley advise you to?"扭い预违ⅳ堡"The king's order shall be obeyed to the letter, sir," replied Neville, as he looked somewhat contemptuously at Calverley, from whom he did not expect so abrupt an address; and then, gently taking the unresisting hand of Holgrave, placed it in that of the steward. A shout of pain from Calverley declared the cordiality of the gripe with which he was favoured by his enemy, and he withdrew his crushed fingers, amidst the cheers and shouts of the spectators.驿黏プ 椁慌ぱ"Bear me to the tumbrel! ha, ha, ha," exclaimed the smith, with that indescribable kind of laugh, combining derision and defiance.睽い




      �哞く欷袱┫ぅHe had spoken with an earnestness that induced Margaret to believe him sincere. At all events there seemed no better alternative than to trust him; so she rose and retired from the court-yard. Punctually at six she appeared again at the castle, and the confidence with which she crossed over to the keep, shewed the reliance she had placed on Calverley's word. The keeper had received the order to admit her, and she ascended the spiral steps and entered the prison that had been previously occupied by Edith. As Holgrave raised his head when the door opened, Margaret saw that his face was swollen and livid, and, when he kissed her cheek as she threw herself upon his neck, his lips were parched and burning.埭ぅ掂"Nay, father John," said Holgrave, with emotion, "we must not part so."が讠


      "Hold, hold," said Wells, starting up, and covering his eyes with his hands; "as you hope for mercy, say no more—I cannot bear it."コ猊杲ゼ�猡いゥゎ


      �い榧妞�こ曝た溻茎蚋"I don't know—I don't remember any thing about it!"いゼくと嗓屦


      �诱皮�ビヱOn the sixth morning from the coronation, Richard, satisfied with shows and revelry, left Westminster, and retired with his mother, the fair Joan of Kent, to Kensington, to rest, as it were, his young head upon the maternal bosom. But even here the officious loyalty of his good subjects intruded; for a gorgeous mummery was to be played that night by a hundred and thirty of the wealthiest citizens of London.ぐД狠ゥ耷い

      �凇南テぅ嫦ゲThis proposition was then eagerly adopted and decided upon without a dissentient voice.┅イぅぢぇ邾�啷ベ钉邻ゥ─