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      ‘Quite useless,’ he said. ‘What a man wants first editions for, unless they’ve got some special beauty, I can’t understand. I would as soon spend my money in getting postage-stamps because they are rare. But I wanted to talk to you about that poem. What’s he after? Is it some philosophy? Or is it a love poem? Or is he just a tippler?’イヵおイりド�配い‘Yes, sir,’ she said.沥ㄐさ

      �瞍颏啶趣撙‘Yes; sit down and have a look at it. It’s a fine page, you know.’院She looked at the cheque.憝椁ぷぅ省


      ‘Rude? You said, “rude.” How was she rude?’睡セイいヤ氚‘Come, Miss Propert,’ he said. ‘Let’s have an end of this. I should have asked the price before I commissioned you to do the work. Let me give you a cheque for ten pounds.’铳ぜブ‘Order it for me, please. The man could draw, couldn’t he? Look at the design of embroidery on the coat of that fellow kneeling there. There’s nothing messy about that. But it doesn’t seem much of a poem as far as I can judge. Not my idea of poetry; there’s more poetry in the prose of the Morte d’Arthur. Take a cigarette and make yourself comfortable.’违ぅ蝐

      �咽い�せ否He waited, hat and stick in hand, while a couple of sentences passed between them. Then Charles came out.イイ锛イ


      Keeling picked up the Singleton Morte d’Arthur and carefully blew a grain of cigarette ash from the opened page.校%痣蔷�磨睽窜ぅざ

      �アイをAnother week passed, and still he waited for some word from his secretary about the book-plate. He was not going to be eager about it, for he would not confess to himself the anxiety with which he awaited an opportunity that his twenty-five shillings a week secretary had denied him. But day by day he scrutinized her face, and wondered if she was going to say that the book-plate was finished.d偿郛�ぅい─イコ睦

      �ぅ濠‘I won’t keep you any longer, Mr Keeling,’ he{76} said. ‘And any words of thanks on my part are superfluous. May I just tell my committee that an anonymous donor has come forward, and that we can proceed with the work?’黏撅ぅく�みヒ


      ‘And do you want my opinion on the subject?’ asked the Mayoress.婴あプ揖‘Give, give!’ he said. ‘Give and ask nothing. What you get doesn’t matter. Does it?’岫┕鋈�ēぅぅの

      ‘Very well. Perhaps you would mention it to your wife and let me know. The town and county generally owe you the deepest debt of gratitude.’弗 蒙�ぬ�や